The Law Office of D. Durand Cook (formerly Cook and Linden) was formed on December 31, 1969, under the auspices of the State of California and the State Bar of California by attorneys D. Durand Cook and Peter J. Linden. Mr. Linden has since retired from the practice and D. Durand Cook continued on as the principal attorney.

In the early stages of the business, the firm was engaged in the general practice of law. Durand Cook started into the field of adoption quite by accident, when two of his former college classmates simultaneously asked him to assist them by helping them find newborn infants. By the time Durand had researched the field and located appropriate birth mothers for each couple, they had already adopted children, leaving Durand with the opportunity to serve the birth mothers’ needs by finding appropriate parents for their unborn children.

As the years progressed, the law firm refined its unique and effective method of adoptions. By allowing mutual commitment to form between the Adoptive Parents and the Birth Mother/Parents, our team is able to serve everyone’s needs most effectively.

What Our Practice Stands For