The “ADOPTION CONFERENCE”:  Orienting You to the Adoption Process

The adoptions facilitated by The Law Offices of D. Durand Cook are of an “open format.”  Our prospective parents attend an “Adoption Conference” which is a one-on-one 4 to 6 hour meeting with members of our staff and is designed to be a “how to adopt” conference to prepare you to meet a birth mother or birth parents.  It also includes as much follow-up contact with our staff as desired.

Prior to the Adoption Conference, you will receive our an adoption packet which includes a videotape entitled “Two Different Kinds of Love” for viewing in the privacy of your home.  This video presentation is the foundation for the independent adoption process, and will allow you to attain an understanding of independent adoption in an “open format” so that you can evaluate your desires and formulate questions which will allow us to tailor the conference to your specific needs.

The conference will cover the following topics, as well as any others you wish to discuss, concerning adoption:

– your interests, concerns, and goals;

– the legal ramifications of independent, “open format” adoption, including your rights and responsibilities in accordance with California law;  if you are not a resident of California, we will discuss any concerns you have with your home state’s requirements to determine if we can assist you in building your family based on your home state guidelines;

– identifying the risks and rewards of the adoption process for both you and the birth parent(s);

– examining the financial and emotional stresses which may accompany your adoption;

– explaining the process we use in locating and preparing a birth parent for you, including a review of materials given to birth parents;

– coaching you in communicating openly and effectively during your initial meeting with the birth parent(s).

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