When we have assured ourselves of a birth parent’s sincerity and clarity in her desire to purse an adoption plan, we then explore the medical and financial implications associated  with her specific situation and begin a process of coaching and offering psychological counseling aimed at supporting the choice of adoption and preparing the birth parents for life after the birth of the baby.  Even though our coaching, counseling done with a birth parent and the process for preparing a birth parent is thorough, a birth parent has the right to a change of mind, over which decision we have no control.

We prepare the birth parents for a “match” meeting with you, assist the birth parents in clarifying what qualities are important to them and coach the birth parents on how to interact with you to ascertain whether you are the appropriate adoptive parents for the unborn infant.

If you select the birth parent you meet, only then will the cost of the birth parent’s lodging, transportation, counseling and other incidental needs during our “intake” of your birth parent, will be passed on to you.

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