Throughout the adoption, we represent only the adoptive parents  in legal matters pertaining to the adoption by providing legal advice and preparing documents as necessary to ensure that the legal procedures required by various governmental agencies are smoothly accomplished.

Birth parents have a right to independent counsel, and you may be required to pay for the cost of that independent representation.  We will assist the birth parents in locating local counsel, if requested to do so.

If you are not a California resident, we work closely with you and your home state attorney and/or agency to provide all of the assistance we can to ensure that your adoption complies with your home state regulations.  However, we are only licensed to practice law in California or the Federal court system and, therefore, we expect you and your home state attorney and/or agency to take full responsibility to complete the adoption in your home state.

What You Can Count on From Us

– complete answers to all of your questions about independent adoption generally, our firm’s policies and procedures, and your particular adoption opportunities;

– supportive and educational coaching from our initial phone conversations to our face-to-face meetings to the finalization of your child’s legal adoption;

– accurate and timely information about any developments affecting your adoption opportunity which we are privy to, including ambivalence or health concerns on the part of the birth parents, relative changes in California law pertaining to your adoption, etc.; and

– a full accounting of all expenditures, including legal fees and associated expenses as well as maternity-related expenses paid on behalf of the birth parents (medical costs, living expenses, transportation, etc.) prior to your court appearance.

What We Request from You

– That you approach the adoption process as if your participation and communication were the major factors in creating a successful adoption.

– That you be emotionally and financially prepared to meet a birth parent on short notice and be willing to assume full responsibility for satisfying yourselves of your birth parent’s commitment to adoption (potential change of mind), the unborn child and birth parent’s health risks, if any, and the race and sex of the child, if this is important to you.

– That you sign a retainer agreement and fee agreement and understand that any information given to us by you can be given to your birth parent, pay all of the fees and promptly fund the birth parent’s needs through our client trust account during the course of this adoption.

– If you are NOT a California resident, we also request that you retain an attorney  and/or employ a licensed adoption agency in your home state to determine if there are any laws in your state, including Interstate Compact regulations, which would prevent you from financially supporting a birth parent, meeting her face-to-face, or engaging in any other activity allowed under California law.